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  •       Northeast Asia international financial investment group (financial investment group for short in the fowling words) limited company is state-owned financial investment enterprise which is approved by the Jilin provincial government. In order to produce Jilin province’s special location advantage in northeast Asia, promote the establish of northeast Asia’s regional financial center, increase local state-owned financial capital, optimize financial resource’s allocation, deepen the reform of state-owned financial capital’s management system and speed up the development of financial services, Provincial party committee and provincial government form a large-scale state-owned financial investment enterprise, the financial investment group, which has the ability to promote the development and corporation in northeast Asia.

          Financial investment group incorporated on February 16th, 2015, registered capital was 2868 million yuan. Scope of financial investment group mainly is Commercial real estate development, sales, financial services industry which aims at constructing regional financial center, provide financial service and develop financial lease, new form financial service such like science, villages, vehicle, consumption and property rights business etc

          Financial investment group aims at establishing Comprehensive, marketization and internationalized financial holding group, taking service economy transition and promotion as basic direction, promotes the construction of financial center in northeast Asia through financial commercial real estate’s development, operation and related supporting service. By assets operation, capital operation, issue bonds, loans, and going public, financial investment group launch financial investment activities which is mainly in financial industry, be entrusted to integrate and manage national asset. The group uses various methods such as strategic stake, capital management, Risk control and assessment and evaluation to promote and lead control or equity participation mechanism to optimize financial resource’s allocation, develop healthily and run steadily. In order to increase financial industry’s innovation ability and advantages in competition, the group takes effort to construct and acquisit the platform of.