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    Declaration About Corporate Name

    Source:本站 release time:10 2015 09

  •       Lately, northeast Asia international financial investment group(financial investment group for short) receives information that some institution and individual us northeast Asia financial group or other name similar to this register corporate name, launch and propagate product and recruitment from various channels. Through our examinations, we find that there are many false propaganda which use group’s name, even fraud. These illegal activities greatly harm financial investment group’s good reputations, and make bad influence in the society. Financial investment group remind users and candidates, the only website of financial investment group is northeast Asia international group.(legal realm name including  neaif.cc”,东北亚金融.net, 东北亚金融.com, neaif.net, neaif.cn, neaif.com, 东北亚国际金融.cc, neaif.com.cn, 东北亚国际金融.cn. )Users and candidates must check it carefully, in case of being cheated.

    Risk control department
    July 28th 2015

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