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  • The Introduction of Northeast Asia International Financial Center

        Jilin Province is at the geometric center of Northeast Asia and new Eurasian Continental Bridge Center, "along the way" grand strategy of the Northeast extension of the line of the strategic basis and the starting point. In recent years, with the Sino Russian economic complementary cooperation speed, the rapid development of China, Japan and South Korea Free Trade Zone, Changjitu forerunner area construction, the Northeast Asia regional economic and social development have great and far-reaching influence. At the beginning of 2015, the provincial government plans to build the Northeast Asia international financial investment group as the carrier, build a regional financial center of Changchun City, Jilin Province, Northeast Asia, to play a leading role in the industry structure, improve the proportion of financial services in the industrial structure, and achieve a new round of industrial base revitalization and development of strategic significance
       The function of Northeast Asia International Financial Center
        The international financial center in Northeast Asia with its unique aggregation function, hub function, radiation function, innovation function, and actively expand the breadth and depth of financial market, to enhance the ability of financial market in the allocation of financial resources inside and outside the region, the international financial center in Northeast Asia through the part of the sale, investment leasing, the rapid formation of "agglomeration" image and effect financial institutions, and gradually formed the headquarters or regional headquarters collection area, finance, securities, funds, insurance, guarantees, bills and other financial factors integrated area, industry associations, credit institutions, market intermediary institutions such as professional services gathering area, data processing, software development, personnel training, credit inquiry based financial support services in rural areas, finance, technology finance, auto finance, consumer finance, Internet banking and other financial business innovation research, experimentation area, banking, securities and insurance industry regulators focus areas, various types of property, technology, finance, financial derivatives and the foreign currency trading center in Northeast Asia region. Through the first phase of the financial center project to carry out the chain expansion, planning the implementation of the financial center two or three, the four phase of the project, the formation of its own characteristics of the Northeast Asian international financial center development model
       The comprehensive plan of Northeast Asia International Financial Center
        Northeast Asia international financial center is located in the central axis of Changchun city and South Street (South Fourth Ring) intersection, across from the Changchun Municipal People's government, the surrounding environment is beautiful, the West has a friendship Park, north of the sculpture park. Currently existing in the region of Jilin trust building, Jilin guaranty building, ICBC tower, recruit bank building, etc., the financial agglomeration has begun to take shape. reaching the Northeast Asia international financial center planning is divided into four stages of the project, a phase of the project is faced on the West Renmin Street, South to the south city of Victoria, covers an area of 10 million square meters, with a total construction area of 1.83 million square meters, with a total investment of 20 billion yuan, by the end of 2015 settled conditions; the second phase of the project in a period on the eastern side, with a total construction area of 5 million square meters, by the end of 2016 settled conditions; the third phase of the project is planned to be located at a side, covers an area of 8-15 million square meters, with a total construction area of 60 million square meters, by the end of 2018 settled conditions; the fourth phase of the project for the financial backup service area, intends to South Metro area planning construction, covers an area of 1 square kilometers, is expected to end of 2020 begun to take shape.
        The general situation of Northeast Asia International Financial Center
         One phase of the construction area is 143700 square meters, the ground floor area is 39300 square meters, points B, C, A, D four building monomer, can accommodate 5000 people in office.
         A block construction area of 60500 square meters, positioning is the headquarters of large organizations, such as banking, securities, insurance and other large organizations. Six countries in Northeast Asia cultural elements into the financial center of the image of the lobby, atrium, main area highlights China's culture, using Jinlong, gold pool, ancient knives, coins and other basic elements, highlight the financial enterprise culture characteristics. The layout of the office is reasonable, simple and generous, emphasizing the green, life, energy saving, high efficiency, the selection of durable, low carbon, energy saving green materials, to provide enterprises with high quality office space and public space.
         B block construction area is 35300 square meters, is a comprehensive service area, with a report hall, video conference room, VIP reception room, road shows and other conference services district; lawyers, accounting, audit, assessment, credit rating agencies and other intermediary services area; leisure fitness, health care, access to the exclusive service area; property, financial assets, etc..
         C block construction area is 63100 square meters, positioning is inclusive finance office area, the construction of small loans, guarantees, asset management, investment and other elements of the small and medium enterprise financing service area; development of Internet banking, technology finance, rural finance and other innovative financial research and development of the experimentation area.
         D block construction area is 24100 square meters, positioning is the food and beverage center, can satisfy 4000 people at the same time.
        The distinctive matching services of Northeast Asia International Financial Center
        1. telligent program control module to provide the enterprise with the office automation system, communication automation system, fire automation system, security automation system, building automatic control system service. At the same time, according to the security identification system, the center provides users with the time service, improve the efficiency of human daily management.
        2. Parking services. Parking spaces is suffcient, with a total number of more than 2000 underground parking spaces. At the same time designated exclusive parking service area for large institutions are settled, meet the parking needs of employees and customers.
        3. Conference services. With an international conference center, the size of multi-functions conference room, the report room, video conference room, VIP reception room, road shows and other conference comprehensive service area, the center can provide a comfortable, functional, and thoughtful conference management support for organization.
        4. catering service. Cratering service can provide a unified service for 4000 people at a time. Food production from the special supply base, food sources can be traced back, with a green, ecological, health characteristics, reduce the cost of food and beverage management agency. Prior to the formal cooking by the property company set up a special quality inspection center inspection qualified rear can be used. At the same time hired dietitians for food, nutrition regulation rationing, healthy diet attention settled personnel.
        5.Sports fitness. Open membership services, to provide a variety of special sports venues, gym, and yoga experience center. At the same time, the establishment of specialized medical care center, providing health care and medical services for local staff invited.
        6. training service. Open financial auditorium, regularly or from time to time to hire industry experts hold special lectures, strengthen exchanges and formats, provide interactive place; and the establishment of the museum is open financial, dissemination of the history of financial development, to promote the positive financial culture.
        Northeast Asia International Financial Group will be in accordance with the provincial government and the municipal government's strategic deployment requirements, try hard to innovate, to work hard, and strive to build the Northeast Asia international financial center as the convergence of financial strength, boost revitalization development in the country and gain a certain impact on regional financial center.