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  •        Northeast Asia international finance investment group positive response national "public entrepreneurship, innovation and peoples" call, seize the congregation raised the opportunity of being a pilot, open Internet in the financial sector. The group build the "peoples" project financial information display platform, and make it become the first on-line set comprehensive, international, and financial in one of the public platform. It is also the first comprehensive state-owned finance public Internet platform in Jilin Province. The platform is based on Jilin, northeast, Northeast Asia, Northeast Asia, aims to create innovative and modern agricultural two financial services system, through the combination of online and offline mode, mining project resources. Focuing on modern agriculture, science and technology innovation, clean energy, cultural and creative, business and circulation, modern service industry, automotive and rail car parts and other fields of financing services, this platform would seek PPP project cooperation, through the absorption of private capital, the integration of regional financial resources, carry out diversified financial services.