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  •     Northeast Asia International Finance Investment Group United Jilin horoc group, Topix financial Tatsu Investment Co., Ltd. took the lead in innovation established the first professional financing services for small loan companies refinancing platform in Northeast China -- Jilin province again small loan Co., Ltd.. Company registered capital is RMB 1 billion yuan, the main customers are small loan companies, small and medium enterprises and other small and medium enterprises. The company put small loans and inclusive livelihood as its mission, through the creation of a high quality, risk management effective professional, focused, franchise credit staff, to provide loans, interbank lending, credit asset transfer, credit risk management, credit risk control technology and other traditional financial services. At the same time, the company a carry out small loans and Asset Securitization Based on small loan companies. Through the establishment of membership, online monitoring and other means to guide the development of small loan companies, small loan industry maintain safe and stable operation. The company is taking efforts to be a "blood transfusion" for small loan companies in the province in assets, risk sharing, and liquidity created. As the government, financial institutions, customers identify small loan company's financial risk identification, the company will gradually become the province's small loan industry health, norms, prosperity and development of the booster".