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    Jilin Provice Micro-Refinancing Corporated Ltd

    Source:本站 release time:14 2015 09

  •     Jilin Provice Micro- Refinancing Corporated Ltd  is founded by Jilin Provincial Government, being the first company in the North-east China which providing financial services for micro-reloan companies. Based on staffs equipped with good educational background, risk management, effectiveness, dedication, specialization,  Jilin Provice Micro- Refinancing Corporated Ltd  provides interbank lending and loans for small  companies, output and disposal of the creditor's rights, credit risk control technology and earnings of asset securitization based on small loans company services for small loan companies. At the same time, through the establishment of membership, on-line monitoring, guide the development of small loan company specifications, maintenance small loans company operation safety.

      Jilin Provice Micro- Refinancing Corporated Ltd 

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