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  •     First, the development philosophy of financial investment group
        Group mission: according to the direction of high starting point, marketilised and international, we make efforts to promote the construction of northeast Asia regional financial center, invest and operate state-owned capital, speed up the development of financial industry and promote the transition of economy mode.
        Group vision: an enterprise who has clear code scope, distinctive features, strong risk control, innovative mind and marvelous achievement.
        Second, the aim of team building in financial investment group
        Staff work together and do their best to construct the group to be a good organization which is firmly insist the political integrity and good at innovation, obey the law and credity, has the courage to pay for, effectively management, honest and upright.
        Financial investment group’s business principles
       1. should adhere to the integrity of the law. In order to create a good legal environment for the construction of financial center, We should always strictly obey national laws and regulations, strictly comply with the articles of association of the company, and comply with the Northeast Asian region national laws and rules of market competition.
       2. should always Insist on social responsibility. We should bear the responsibility of carry out macroeconomic policies, allocate financial resources, consciously observe and maintain the financial order and other social responsibilities so that we can realize the long-term and sustainable development of enterprises.
       3. should see our customers as gods. Our aspire is create maximum values for customers, and earn maximum values for our shareholder at the same time 
       4. should insist to promote innovation and consider promoting the innovation of system, managing innovation, and product innovation as the energy of sustained development.
       5. should insist scientific management, construct scientific management which has control mode of clear responsibility, mutual balance, smooth operation, efficient management according to requirements of modern enterprise system and Innovation mechanism.
       6. should insist stable operation. We should always put risk control in the first place, set up the operation security is the effectiveness of the concept. What’s more, we should not aim at big scale but keep stable and developing.
       7. should always trust our staff and pay attention to play the role of management team, pay attention to arouse the enthusiasm of the staff, pool the wisdom and strength, rely on all staff to do business, making the company becomes employees’ stage to achieve maximum value of life stage, let each people are full of a sense of accomplishment and happiness.