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    All Employees Visited Jilin Province Preventing Crimes Warning Education Base By The Lead Of...

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  •        June 18th afternoon 13:00, Northeast Asia international financial investment group, all employees visited Jilin province preventing crimes warning education base by the lead of president and chairman. The warning education base was established in 2013, according to the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, provincial Party school, the provincial Procurator ate "about carrying out crimes warning education prevention into the work of the Party School of the implementation of opinions" arrangements, the party platform using (Institute of public administration, strengthen pair of leaders of all levels stem Department (including intends to promote the use of personnel, important positions, serving at the departmental level and the new civil servants honest diligent education new way. Our group as the only state-owned financial investment group in the province, the leadership attaches great importance to the prevention of duty crime. Therefore, at the beginning of the establishment of our group, in order to strengthen the staff's sense of law and discipline, the bottom line of thinking, rule consciousness we organized all staff to visit of the prevention of duty crime warning education base. Group leaders and staff after the visit have also said: the education base of display content of detailed vivid, thought-provoking,  that can help us establish a corruption awareness, so that alarm bells ringing, clean fingered self-discipline.
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