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    Alibaba Invested 28300 Million To Suning Bought 14000 Million Share of Alibaba

    Source:本站 release time:12 2015 08

  •       On August 10th, the Alibaba group and Suning Group Business Co., Ltd. announced to reach a comprehensive strategic cooperation, Alibaba Group will invest about 28.3 billion yuan RMB in Suning yun’s non-public offering, the percentage of issued after the total share capital of 19.99%, becoming Suning's second largest shareholder; also suning yun will take out 140 billion yuan to subscribe for not more than 27.8 million shares of Alibaba issue of new shares. Ali Baba and Su Ning yun will work together to integrate the advantages of resources, use big data, Internet of things, mobile applications, financial payments and other means to create O2O mobile applications, innovative O2O business model: the two sides will try to get through online and offline channels, Suning cloud providers radiation more than 1600 stores, 5000 service outlets and sink to four or five line city service station, will be connected with Alibaba's online system. As of now, Suning logistics has 4520000 square meters of storage area, 8 national aviation hub, 49 regional logistics center, in the future Suning logistics will become a rookie network partners, the logistics is nearly covered all 2800 counties nationwide, services Alibaba and Suning, and  expect to open to third parties.
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