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    P2P Will Seek Change: Banks, A Group Of Third Party Payment Institutions

    Source:本站 release time:05 2015 08

  •       In a number of regulatory policy is about to take effect, P2P platform also seek final boarding opportunities and escrow funds according to their qualifications. Reporters learned that the current domestic Minsheng Bank, Ping An Bank, Guangdong Development Bank, China CITIC Bank and others is gradually involved in the P2P platform for the fund management business, but there are also a large part of the state-owned shares is searching for customers. But insiders said that the bank is still relatively cautious in business development. Because in the current investment environment, the banks bear the risk of implicit credit endorsement for these platform. Once the platform has a problem, regardless of whether the bank has the responsibility or not, these problems are implicated in the bank's reputation, and even make banks’ business disrupted. Net loan home CEO Xu Hongwei said, although a single P2P net loan doesn’t has large scale of capital, but with the increasing of the amount of industry funds, banks motive power of engaging in net loan platform to fund the business will be increased.
          According to Net loan home’s statistics, at the end of June the normal operation of the network lending platform is 2028, but there are 1699 platform‘s volume lower than 50 million yuan, accounting ratio for 83.78%. Many platforms’ stewards told reporters that they have the initiative to find a bank to talk about cooperation matters, but because they do not have large amount of money, the bank is disdain to cooperation. Therefore, they had to work with the third party payment agencies. After the releasing of "comments", this cooperation is hopeless. However, according to the central bank’s question and answer for the "comments”, it retains a slim chance of survival for small and medium-sized platform. Although Payment institutions cannot provide payments account for the P2P platform and other Internet financial companies, but it can provide payment channel services. A P2P platform for the settlement business, the third party payment agencies in the account system, investors and borrowers will get a virtual account, when investors put money to the borrower and the subject is not full, the funds are still in the pool of funds of the third party payment agencies. Only when the borrower withdraw the money, the funds will be real delivered. Besides, the borrower only get money, whether the money is corresponding to the investors is not clear. As for the capitals, third party agencies won’t let it sleep in the account. After the allocating the period and number, these money will be invested in stocks and other investment areas. Once the investment fails, investors’ interests will be damage. "Funds in the third party payment platform is like in a black box, the flow of funds in the account system cannot be supervised by the central bank, the CBRC and other regulatory." A platform for the central area of the reporter said that the platform is still considering and third parties to pay a cooperation. "We have to go to the bank to negotiate with the bank, but we have few advantage. And our third party payment agencies have a lot of customers, packaged to negotiate with the bank, the bargaining power is strong." The person in charge. this kind of model of cooperation is , third-party payment agencies in their bank accounts, open corresponding sub account of the account, transaction process in the third-party payment account only provide payment channel, and the funds do not stay will into the accounts of the creation. Thus, the process can meet the requirements of regulatory. Reporters learned that there are third parties to pay the company launched the corresponding business, and said it has been a number of technical docking platform. But some market participants believe that, through this way is only a small platform is a matter of expediency. After the policy’s landing, investors will favor by the bank kept the tube. By then, the P2P platform will usher in a wave of re shuffling process.

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