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    Ministry of Finance Will Force Steady Growth From Five Aspects

    Source:本站 release time:03 2015 08

  •        July 29th, in the national financial work video conference the Ministry of Finance Party Secretary, Minister Lou Jiwei said this year, the financial sector resolutely implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council's decision, taking a series of policies and measures to effectively promote the sustained and healthy economic and social development considering the steady growth, adjusting structure, promoting reform, benefit people's livelihood, risk. Lou Jiwei stressed, that current domestic economy is slower in stabilization, steadily for the better economy condition, but downward still has large pressure. Next, the financial sector should continue to adhere to the overall tone of the work progress while maintaining stability. Based on the present, focusing on long-term, innovation macro-control and promote structural reform organically, more accurate and effective implementation of the directional control and camera control, catch fulfil placed in a more prominent position, and enhance the implementation of the policy of the effectiveness and pertinence, promote the sustainable and health development and social stability. First, boosting efficiency, measures to implement the proactive fiscal policy. To increase efforts to promote the construction of major projects; vigorously promote financial funds to co-ordinate the use of tax reduction efforts to increase fees. Second, accelerate the promotion of government and social capital cooperation (PPP) model. Accelerate the improvement of the legal system and policy support system; strengthen the market concept and risk awareness; to promote the implementation of the PPP project. Third, overall stability and risk prevention, and further standardize the local government debt management. Pay close attention to promoting the transformation of the market of financing Platform Co; regulating local government borrowing behavior according to law. Fourth, play a good role in various types of investment funds. Establishment of various investment guide fund, innovation mode of operation, to play the financial amplification and leverage and guide folk capital into the economic and social development of key areas and weak links. Fifth, to further promote the reform of fiscal and taxation system. Comprehensively promote the public budget, improve the government budget system, the implementation of medium-term fiscal planning and management, reform and improve the fiscal transfer payment system, and actively promote the budget performance management, accelerate the accrual basis of government financial reporting system construction; and strive to complete the camp to increase the reform and promoting the reform of consumption tax, pay close attention to improve the resource tax system, actively promote the implementation of tax revenue legal principle; study and improve the central and local powers and expenditure responsibilities; continue to promote the office of the Commissioner of transformation

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