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    Amazon Launched A New Platform For Cooperation With The 25 Public Platform

    Source:本站 release time:31 2015 07

  •       Beijing time on July 29 morning news, Amazon launched the a new platform, will be directly facing millions of Amazon users promotion of entrepreneurial company's products, and provide distribution channels to help business penetration more broad market. The company will work with Indiegogo and other 25 platforms and a number of Vc firm, in the name of the Amazon launching platform and launch 200 products. Amazon said the company did not launch official cooperation with Kickstarter. More and more Venture Company began to use Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other public platform to expand financing, including a variety of new film and new electronic devices. But this field is still facing many challenges. Entrepreneurs can attract the public interest in their electronic products through the site, but it is often difficult to launch large-scale sales and also difficult to fulfill orders on time. Amazon vice president Adkins Jim (Adkins Jim), said: with the speed of innovation in the business community to accelerate, we want to help customers find these unique products, and to learn the inspiration behind." When a Venture Company is ready to send its products to consumers outside the United States, the company will also help expand its global expansion. Venture Company’s participation in the project will be able to provide their products to the Amazon gold medal users.

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