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    Jilin Province 1st “Internet +” College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Investment Fair Achieved Fruitful Results

    Source:本站 release time:08 2015 09

  •     On September 8th, the first Jilin Province “Internet +” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of College Students Investment Fair was held in Changchun, which undertook by The Northeast Asia International Financial Investment Group (NEAIF). Mr. Zhang Bojun, the vice chairman of Provincial CPPCC and the director of the EducationBureau, Mr. Han Xiaofeng, the vice secretary of the Party committee and the vice president of Jilin University,president Mr. Hu Bin attended and addressed a speech, assistant president of the NEAIF Wang Honglai also attended the meeting.

        During the meeting, four subsidiaries of NEAIF together with the representatives of approximately 40 companies and venture capital institutions had a close communication with more than 400 teachers and students who attended the competitionunder the warm atmosphere. According to the statistics of Provincial Education Department, the investment fair achieved fruitful results, which 68 participating teams and investors had preliminary investment intentions. The exhibition position of NEAIF also gains great attention by the investment institutions and entrepreneurial teamsof the college students.

        This investment fair reported by Jilin Education Television, Jilin Daily and other medias, president Mr. Hu Bin saidin the interview: “risk will full of the road of starting a business and investment, and failure is not horrible, but the seeds of success, the future are belonging to the personwho can insist and persistently going on."

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