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    The Northeast Asia International Financial Investment Group signed Cooperation Framework Agreement with Changchun Finance College

    Source:本站 release time:15 2015 12

  •        On December 15th, the Northeast Asia International Financial Investment Group and Changchun Finance College signed a Cooperation Framework Agreement. President Mr. Hu Bin on behalf of the company signed the agreement with President Mrs. Ren Yushan. Under the college-enterprise cooperation, both sides will build long-term strategic cooperation relations based on equality and mutual benefit, make full use of their respective advantages, and seek cooperation in areas of research and integration development, as well as technical and professional exchanges at various levels, to facilitate financial atmosphere healthier and faster development.

          The signing of the agreement will be conductive to enhancing the impact of Financial Center, promoting financial cultural evolutions and creations, developing financial talents education and training, holding high-end forum, forming financial innovation, and supporting rural inclusive financial system construction. The multi-area and deep level cooperation pattern contributes to the development in financial services industry and innovation of Jilin province.

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