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    Group Party Organized The "Three Real" Thematic Lectures

    Source:本站 release time:25 2015 05

  •     In accordance with the requirements of Northeast Asia international finance investment group Party committee about carrying out "strict three real special education program, on May 20, group party secretary, chairman of the board of directors Li Laihua held group party" strict three real thematic lectures, and the strict three real mobilization meeting of the deployment. Session detailed the "strict three real great historical significance and the rich connotation, revealed five aspects which is not real, combing with the actual situation of the group, and in the next phase the group would arrange business operation and supervise them strictly. The meeting pointed out to reinforce party spirit culture, build a firm political belief; strengthened the legal consciousness, conscientiously abide by the rules; be committed to reform and innovation, and keep the courage to assume responsibility at the same time; should be good at co-ordinate planning, accelerate the industrial business; should pay attention to the practice, the courage to tackle tough. The meeting required all staff should in full energy, and keeps a good attitude, good style, forge ahead and pay close attention to implementation. The group should implement the "strict three real special education and for the development of the company, and contribute to Jilin Province financial industry’s development.
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