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    The Group Holds The Speech Of Carrying Out P2P Mode

    Source:本站 release time:19 2015 08

  •       In accordance with the overall arrangement of the group's modular training, the group invited to the building blocks of strategic cooperation vice president Dong Hao, introduced the development of the building blocks box and operation mode from the perspective of the practical application of the Internet banking.
          Building blocks of the box is a relatively well-known network of investment banking platform, known as the "P2P funds hosted a new benchmark" of Internet financial enterprises. Since its establishment in 2012, it has completed a total of $130000000 in the C round of financing, trading volume exceeded 8800000000 yuan.
          Dong Hao introduced the building blocks of a wide range of product lines, unique solid risk control logic, a comprehensive leading information security mechanism and exploration in the capital, so that the group's employees have a deeper understanding of the Internet banking, the Internet banking model of P2P has a direct understanding and understanding. Through training,  it can help group staff system comprehensive grasp of the relevant knowledge, learn from Internet banking business of entrepreneurial experience, practical experience, and lay a solid foundation for the realization of the peoples a financial technology services company, peoples Chong Investment Management Company in the financial aspects of the Internet business development.
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