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    The First Class Of Group's International Financial Training

    Source:本站 release time:11 2015 08

  •      August 7th 16, the group of all employees in the organization of the human resources of the Internet by the Internet special training. This training has invited associate professor, vice president Wang Liying of Jilin University of Finance and served as speaker. This training is the six part of the group's second modules - "Internet banking" module, the main content of the Internet banking model, characteristics, influence, risk and management knowledge, so that all employees through learning, to understand how to promote the integration of financial and Internet technology, how to achieve the traditional financial industry and the Internet to complement each other, how to adapt to the development of the Internet and the trend, with the help of the country to promote the development of financial investment and financial investment group. Before the training, all employees participated in the test for the test of the content of the training module training content.
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