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    The First Class Of Group's Training—All Employees Listen to Chairman's Speech Of Execution

    Source:本站 release time:13 2015 07

  •     July 11th morning, Li Laihua, chairman of the group, made a speech on the half-year meeting, the title of the speech is he strengthening of the implementation of the business, and enhance the implementation of the executive power.
          The chairman’s speech, from the financial investment group to assume the historical mission, major responsibility, development ideas into the title, from the idea to grasp the implementation, highlighting the focus on implementation, the initiative as a grasp implementation, innovative ways to implement, to overcome the difficulties to implement, change the style of work, strong responsibility for the implementation of the seven aspects, this paper expounds the importance of hard work.
          This training is the first module of the group to carry out a series of training, the first of the executive power, the chairman personally taught, fully embodies the leadership of the group is very concerned about the implementation of the problem, but also reflects the group leadership attaches great importance to staff training. The group will also invite well-known experts and scholars, on how to improve the executive power to do a different perspective, focus on training.

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