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  • Recruitment information- Northeast Asia Multitude Entrepreneurship Technology Finance Services (Jilin) Co., Ltd

    1General manager;

    1Human resources Commissioner;

    1Text synthesis;

    2UI designer;

    2Product management;

    1Information management;

    2Software development engineer;

    1Network security;

    1Air control Commissioner;

    1 legal counsel;

    4Project Manager;

    1 Propaganda plan;

    Basic conditions

    1, the candidates are supposed to be honest and have good character, political literacy and high occupational ethics.  

    2, the candidates are supposed to be dedicated, good at learning, work hard and have strong innovative ability.

    3, the candidates are supposed to unite in good faith and have strong team spirit and strong organizational skills.

    4, the candidates should obey the low and have no law or discipline punishment record (including the original work unit).

    1,General manager : born after January 1st 1970, , with good psychological quality and healthy body; at least 2 years’ experience of working as layer chief (department general manager, business director) or deputy middle (Department, deputy general manager, business Deputy Director) in the provincial financial institutions, foreign institutions), the financial regulatory departments at the provincial level, domestic well-known Internet financial enterprises; Familiar with the equity, credit and all the chips, awards and public interest in the Internet banking business, has a wealth of management experience, strong market development capabilities, with a planned operation, organizational management, communication and coordination, decision-making analysis, financial, accounting, economic, management and other related professional, master's degree or above. Have a certain foreign language foundation. Have good professional ethics, good faith, strong sense of responsibility. With internet banking, all the chips website related resources are preferred; with the Internet banking platform, senior management experience is preferred.

    2,Human resources Commissioner : born after January 1st, 1975, master degree or above, Major in HR, business administration or related majors, 5 + years working experience in large enterprises; familiar with the operation process of human management practices and the national labor and personnel regulations and policies; have basic knowledge of internet; have good professional ethics, good affinity, organization ability, communication ability, writing ability.

    3,Text synthesis; : born after January 1st ,1975, master degree or above, major in Chinese, finance, economy, law, administration or other related professions; 5 years’ experience of administration or secretary, strong ability of expression and writing; familiar with the use of office software; have ability of communication and teamwork; strong sense of responsibility, dedication.

    4,UI designer : born after January 1st, 1975, have a strong art foundation, a good visual design and grasp the ability, the color has a keen observation and analysis skills; familiar with the use of Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Dreamweaver; master degree or above, at least 2 years’ experience of related work; careful, good at innovation, good communication skills, teamwork spirit and customer service consciousness, with a strong sense of responsibility, execution, can work under pressure; graduated  from Art Academy; experience of working for big website is preferred.

    5, Product management: born after January 1st, 1975 Familiar with all kinds of background system product design, can independently carry out new product definition, planning, design and implementation; skilled use of Asure design product prototype and related design tools; 3 years of experience in the internet background system product manager; master degree or above, electric power industry background preferred

    6, Information management: born after January 1st, 1975, familiar with Oracle or SQL server and MySQL database installation, backup, upgrade and migration management; experience in application and database architecture, familiar with database depots table has been related to the data access layer design experience; have a basic understanding of cloud computing, to distributed architecture, a large number of occupies a certain understanding; master degree or above, more than 3 years information management, operation working experience.

    7, Software development engineer: born after January 1st, 1975, University degree or above, major in computer science, three years of JAVA development experience, and as a key programmer to participate in the development of more than two products (or project), a bank project experience is preferred; Familiar with data structure and algorithm, UML, OOA/OOD,, Java, EE, Oracle, GlassFish, SQL, Server, DB2, MySQL, Udp, Service/JavaScript/CSS, JQuery, Jsp/Servlet/Web, Http, Linux/Unix, Smtp, YUI, Weblogic, Java, Tomcat, Tcp, POP3, JBoss and other database; Ability to write and design and develop a document independently, with product development and version control capabilities; WEB technology and applications have more experience and extensive knowledge, technology and product development trends in the current industry has a good sense of perception; Familiar with the deployment of large-scale web applications, understand the load balancing technology, caching technology application and implementation; with good communication skills and coordination skills, good learning ability, with a good team spirit, can work under pressure, full of initiative.

    8,Network security: born after January 1st, 1975, at least 3 years relevant working experience, 2 years’ experience in safety management, work hard, logical thinking, commercial sensitivity and quick judgment of data business value, have the ability to identify, evaluate, evaluate, analyze, manage, secure, good communication and expression, and have good communication and expression, good communication and expression, have good communication and expression, good communication and expression.

    9, Air control Commissioner: born after January 1st, 1975, Master degree or above, major in law or related, 3 years of relevant work experience, familiar with risk control related work and process; have strong language expression and writing skills; be able to skillfully use all kinds of office software; good communication and coordination skills and team work spirit.

    10,legal counsel: born after January 1st 1975, master degree or above, Law or related majors; 3 years or above relevant working experience, familiar with the legal affairs related work and process; have strong language expression and writing ability; can skillfully use all kinds of office software; have good communication coordination ability and team work spirit, strong sense of responsibility, dedication, rigorous.

    11,Project Manager: born after January 1st 1975, major in economy, finance, master degree or above, at least three years working experience, familiar with capital market, have good ability to solve problems and independent project management experience and ability, have strong value analysis and assessment ability, good financial analysis, familiar with all kinds of financial model, have strong ability of analysis, communication, coordination, ability to work, pressure, pressure, love investment banking, science, education, agriculture and industry information.

    12,Propaganda plan: born after January 1st, Journalism, communication, advertising, public relations, marketing and other professional. Master's degree or above, three years of planning, brand planning, advertising planning related experience; familiar with the Internet industry, familiar with public relations media brand promotion, with excellent written and verbal communication skills, able to independently write brand integrated marketing communications program and push wide planning case, a wealth of PR resources is preferred.

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